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Book NameA Table Alphabeticall by Robert Cawdrey (1604)
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AboutA Table Alphabeticall, contayning and teaching the true writing and vnderstanding of hard usuall English words, borrowed from the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine, or French, &c.

With the Interpretation thereof by plaine English words, gathered for the benefit and help of all vnskilfull persons.

Whereby they may the more easily and better vnderstand many hard English words, which they shall heare or read in Scriptures, Sermons, or else where, and also be made able to vse the same aptly themselues.

Legere, et non intelligere, neglegere est.
As good not read, as not to vnderstand.

Printed by I. R. for Edmund Weauer, & are to be sold at his shop at the great North doore of Paules Church.

This text, written by Robert Cawdrey and first published in 1604 is the first monolingual dictionary of the English language.
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